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Here’s how to wow your crush and make yourself unforgettable on your first date

Setting off on that much-awaited first date with your crush can give you a mixed range of feelings. While some might feel nervousness, there would also be an edge of excitement to the evening and a lot of anticipation. Amid this, you want to ensure that you stand out and make a lasting impact on their mind, which causes them to set a second date. So, here are a few ways you can confirm that your crush won’t be able to keep their eyes off you on your first date.

  1. Use an exquisite perfume to leave a lingering fragrance

If you want them to be thinking about you long after you have departed from your evening together and headed your separate ways; then choosing an exquisite perfume is your best bet. When your partner is an enamoured by your lingering fragrance, it is likely the they will be reminded of you long after the date. A unique scent also sets you apart from other women in his life.

making a great first impression

  1. Say their name!

While this may sound like a cliché, it couldn’t be more accurate. People love hearing their name and tend to be enchanted by the individual who calls out to them frequently. So, dropping their moniker a few times in the course of your date will only earn you some brownie points.

  1. Be a great listener

We all wish to regale our crush with fascinating details about our life, but nothing can be more charming than a great listener. Give your boo the opportunity to pour their heart out and they will leave the date happy to have met someone who is genuinely interested in their life.

making an impression

  1. Dress immaculately

Dressing immaculately is the best way to catch someone’s eye. You needn’t choose a designer dress, but ensuring that you’re perfectly groomed goes a long way in setting a great first impression. It shows them that you care about yourself and your appearance. This will make them proud to be with you.

And you always have the opportunity with your subsequent dates to get comfortable and hangout in your sweatpants to set a friendly vibe.

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