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Here’s how Sayantani Ghosh reacted to Radhika Madan’s comments about the latter’s television journey


Bollywood and the television industry have their own share of fan following. These two industries are quite interrelated and there is no denying this fact. In fact, many Bollywood stars had begun their career from the small screen itself. Well, a debate between Bollywood and Television industry has come into the limelight and is making headlines. Radhika Madan, who started her career on the small screen is making it big in the Bollywood industry these days. The actress was recently seen in Kuttey and is garnering a lot of praise for her performance. Well, in a recent interview, she spoke about her life on a TV set that might have offended actress Sayantani Ghosh. Scroll down to hear what Sayantani has to say about Radhika’s comment.

Sayantani Ghosh on Radhika Madan’s comment on the TV industry

Actress Sayantani Ghosh in a new interview with RJ Sidharth Kannan criticised Radhika Madan who has shared her experience of working in the television industry. Sayantani expressed that she was hurt and disappointed with how Radhika talked about the industry where she began her career. Talking about the whole incident, Sayantani revealed that she is a huge fan of her acting. Sayantani said that she did not see her full interview but was hurt by whatever she saw and expressed it in the comments section below the video. “Let me tell you, TV feeds hundreds and hundreds of women, and gives them employment, and the biggest of movie stars also choose TV to come and promote their films. So I didn’t like that approach,” added the actress.

“We also have Mouni Roy, she is a dear friend of mine, and in the interviews I have listened, there is a certain grace that she began her career from TV, that I didn’t find in Radhika’s clip. She and many others look down upon TV, you shouldn’t do that, I feel. My problem is don’t treat TV as a stepping stone,” she added.

Sayantani Ghosh’s comment below Radhika Madan’s interview

Earlier, Sayantani had commented on Radhika’s interview clip, “Very happy for you @radhikamadan and an ardent admirer of you! I remember your last show and u were really good in it And if I remember correctly, it was a TV show. Indeed a great start to a promising career!! Just found this thought process a bit sorry! Putting down the world of tv is indeed sad! Everything in life has its way of functioning, has challenges/shortcomings, and strengths! The world of tv too has its challenges, but let’s not forget it gives employment to many and reaches millions of homes .. such immense is its reach that one has to choose this medium to promote his/her film.”

Radhika Madan during an interview recalled working 48-50 hours a shift. She revealed that whenever she asked for the script, she was told to proceed to the set, and the script will be freshly printed and handed to her. She also said directors used to make changes once the set was confirmed, and whosoever director was free, would come to shoot. She also said that whenever she had anything to say about her character, Radhika was told by the director that they would think about it when they make a film and not a TV serial.

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