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Grim photos show destruction in Bakhmut, Ukraine

More photos emerged Thursday showing the destruction left by the Russian bombardment this week in Bakhmut — just before the Ukrainian city was hit again by rockets.

Bakhmut, a city in the northern part of Donetsk province, was home to over 70,000 Ukrainians before the war began.

Now, as Russian forces double down on their efforts to take the eastern Donbas region — made up of the Donetsk and Luhansk provinces — the war has come to Bakhmut in the form of artillery strikes.

Images circulating Thursday show rescue workers trying to pull wounded Ukrainians from the rubble of a hotel struck Wednesday when Russian forces fired on the city.

Rescue workers pulling a person from rubble
Ukrainian rescue workers sift through the rubble of a destroyed hotel in Bakhmut.
Rescue workers carry a man on a stretcher
Rescuers rescue a man from the rubble of a hotel building in Bakhmut, Ukraine.
Rescue workers on a rubble pile in Bakhmut, Ukraine.
Artillery fire has hit Bakhmut two days in a row, according to Ukrainian authorities.

Donetsk’s governor, Pavlo Kyrylenko, said on Telegram Thursday that the city had been hit again by Russian rockets, leaving at least three dead.

“Bakhmut is again under Russian fire – today the Russians shelled the city four times,” he wrote.

“At least three dead and three wounded are already known,” Kyrylenko continued. “Six apartment buildings and six private houses were damaged.”

Kyrylenko accused the Russians of using cluster munitions in their bombardment of the city.

A house burns on a suburban block in Ukraine
A residential house burns after a Russian military strike, as Russia’s attack on Ukraine continues in the town of Bakhmut.
Three old women on a bench near a playground in the outskirts of Bakhmut, Ukraine.
Ukranian villagers sit in an overgrown playground in the outskirts of Bakhmut, Eastern Ukraine.
AFP via Getty Images
A woman holding the frame of a shattered window in Bakhmut, Ukraine
A Ukranian woman carries a broken window frame, some hours after a rocket landed in front her house in the outskirts of Bakhmut.
AFP via Getty Images

Meanwhile, as the fight for the Donbas raged on, Russian troops were confirmed to have taken the coal-fired powerplant of Vuhlehirsk, less than 40 miles from Bakhmut.

Ukrainian presidential advisor Oleksiy Arestovych said the capture of the plant gave Russian forces a “tiny tactical advantage” as they appeared to restart their flagging offensive in the east.

Ukrainian and Russian forces were set to clash in the south, as Kyiv confirmed a large counteroffensive operation was underway to retake the Kherson region in the Ukrainian south.

Ukrainian defense officials acknowledged that a large Russian force was gearing up to meet them, in what Arestovych called a “massive redeployment” of Russian forces in the South.

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