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Google Cloud To Run a Validator Node on Ronin Network

  • The collaboration will be assisted by Searce, a provider of cloud-based services.
  • Google Cloud is joining the ranks as the 18th validator.

Web3 firm Axie Infinity, founded by Sky Mavis, has enlisted the aid of one of the major Web2 IT companies in an effort to further decentralize the Ronin network, a specialized Ethereum sidechain built for NFT-powered games.

Sky Mavis just announced a partnership with Google Cloud. Whereby the cloud computing arm of the global computer giant would operate a validator node on the Ronin network. Moreover, this implies that Google Cloud will be essential in protecting and processing transactions on the sidechain network.

Validators Doubled After Assault

An official press release states that Google Cloud has been the company’s “strategic cloud partner” since 2020, but this development marks a change in their partnership. Furthermore, the collaboration will be assisted by Searce, a provider of cloud-based services.

After Ronin’s network suffered the loss of $552 million worth of cryptocurrency in a high-profile assault in March. The number of validators has doubled. Moreover, Google Cloud is joining the ranks as the 18th.

It is believed that Lazarus, a hacker organization supported by the North Korean government, was responsible for the attack on five of the nine validators, which included the use of stolen private keys.

With the addition of Yield Guild Games, a business for Web3 gaming guilds, Nansen and DappRadar, blockchain analytics startups, and major metaverse investor and game producer Animoca Brands, Sky Mavis is working toward its goal of having at least 21 validators for Ronin.

In the past, Google Cloud has joined the governing council of Hedera Hashgraph. And it validated transactions for video platform company Theta Labs, both of which are networks built on blockchain technology. The Google Cloud Platform announced in May that it has assembled a Web3 team to support blockchain-based apps.

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