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Global Emerging Markets (GEM) Pledged $200 Million Investment Fund Towards Unizen’s Smart Exchange Ecosystem

Global Emerging Markets (GEM) has announced a $200 million financial injection to drive adoption, grow the company, and strengthen innovation for the CeDeFi exchange, Unizen. The money is tied to certain milestones and results to make the initial investment as efficient as possible.

On the 27th of June 2022, Unizen announced a capital commitment that would aid the company in forging forward in the rapidly evolving world of centralized-decentralized financial systems. As stated in a press release, the money will be used to enhance existing systems, boost innovation, grow the team, advertise the company’s products, and speed up the implementation of the trade aggregate ecosystem.

Announcing the new fundraising round, CEO Sean Noga said:

“For retail and institutional traders alike, GEM’s recent capital commitment will help Unizen become the first CeDeFi exchange to integrate the functions of first-party and third-party centralised exchanges (CEXs) and decentralised exchanges (DEXs). On the other hand, the exchange also has an in-house aggregator that searches and identifies the best trading routes across numerous cryptocurrency exchange platforms, such as Binance, Uniswap, Pancakeswap, etc.”

Investments in developing nations are a top priority for GEM, an alternative investment firm with a $3.4 billion fund under management. It has offices in New York, Paris, and the Bahamas; it has executed more than 530 acquisitions and transactions in more than 72 countries.

GEM chose Unizen because it wanted to be a part of the development of the financial technologies of the future. Investing in CeDeFi meets the urgent requirement of the blockchain sector, which combines compliance with CeFi with innovation brought forth by DeFi. Unizen strives to provide consumers with the finest deals, dependable performance, and a safe environment for high-volume trading, all in one seamless user experience, thanks to GEM’s financial commitment.

Unizen is also releasing the ZenX Labs, a decentralized application development platform, in addition to its asset exchange and trade aggregate technologies. The platform acts as an incubator for CeDeFi apps by providing technical knowledge and growth management and assuring complete compliance.

Finally, the platform will reward and incentivize the $ZCX token holders. Incubated projects can reward the Unizen community if they take off or become long-term successes via the Dynamic Multi-Asset Staking (DMAS), which will benefit token holders. Unizen, Uniswap, and other centralized exchanges like Kucoin, Gate, MEX, and BitMart may be used to buy and sell the token.

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