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Giants legend Eli Manning booed on Eagles videoboard


PHILADELPHIA – Even three years into retirement, Eli Manning gets booed at Lincoln Financial Field.

During a break in the first-half action Saturday night, the Eagles went to a live shot of the former Giants quarterback watching the game in a seat next to one of his daughters. The crowd immediately booed.

The joke got a good laugh from the fans, including former Eagles great Malcolm Jenkins, who was still chuckling when the camera panned from Manning to Jenkins. The noise turned to cheers for Jenkins and then for Brent Celek, a fellow former Eagle.

The cameras went back to Manning once more and the boos resumed. He resisted any urge to flip a middle finger, like he did last fall on the initial season of ESPN’s “Manningcast” alternative broadcast of “Monday Night Football.”

Manning was booed by Eagles fans on Saturday.
Manning was booed by Eagles fans on Saturday.

It was the culmination of a week of playful back-and-forth between Manning and Eagles fans that began when Manning said on the latest Manningcast, “I said when I retired I’d never go back to a football game in Philly. But I think I have to break that promise. I can’t wait to see the amount of double birds I get. Could break a record.”

Within a few days, a billboard was up in the Philadelphia area that read, “Welcome back to Philly, Eli. We [two bird images] salute you.”

Eli Manning on the field prior to the Giants’ playoff game against the Eagles.
Corey Sipkin

Manning lost two playoff games to the Eagles in his 16-year career, highlighted by two Super Bowl wins before his retirement. His final road start was an overtime loss in Philadelphia near the end of the 2019 season.


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