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GDA Capital Family Office Summit August 5 New Version


Alex Tapscott and a cohort of serial entrepreneurs attempt to define the future of transformative technologies at the event co-hosted by Secure Digital Markets 

If you are into content analysis and happen to run a check on most widely discussed topics by crypto media and blockchain-focused reporters this year, inevitably, the following subjects are going to be at the very top of your results list: digital assets, disruptive investments, regulations, DeFi, NFTs, the Metaverse and Web3.

GDA Capital, a blue-chip advisory to disruptive businesses in the digital assets space and Secure Digital Markets, a digital assets solutions provider for institutional and high net worth clients, go a few steps further. As co-hosts of the Global Family Office Summit, held annually, they invite top panelists to discuss the revolution in digital assets, the future of the digital economy, diversification in alternative assets and disruptive investments, and the growing importance of regulation, NFTs, and the creative Web3 economy – all things that can impact family office investment strategies.

At their latest virtual gathering, held last week, a renowned Canadian business author, advisor and thought leader in the blockchain and crypto spaces Alex Tapscott headlined the event with his “How the Digital Asset Revolution is Transforming Money, Business, and More” address. Tapscott is the author of the non-fiction best-seller Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies is Changing the World and has held TED Talks, co-founded research institutes, and received awards in recognition for his work in the tech sector. His opening remarks fit perfectly into the summit’s agenda and overarching goal to bring together investors, asset managers, and thought leaders from the innovative technology and traditional investment spaces while enhancing “the overlaps and cooperation that exist between these important industries and to open new investment opportunities for family offices and investors around the world”.

During a day-long event investors, asset managers, trustees, and digital asset companies from around the world came together virtually to learn about and discuss the transformative technologies revamping how the world does business. The summit was open for all to register and attend virtually and kicked off in the Metaverse.

On the Building the Future Digital Economy panel, the moderator, GDA Capital’s Zachary Friedman and his guests drilled down into the drivers of value in the Metaverse of the future. The discussion included a breakdown of how tokens will play a part in bridging the gaps between disconnected Metaverse experiences, and how new opportunities such as rent-to-play in the NFT space and play-to-earn gaming will help drive adoption, potentially leapfrogging free-to-play in the not too distant future as the go-to economic model for Metaverse gaming in the future.

Friedman and other panelists also talked about how people can best prepare for this monumental shift. The consensus was that light papers of truly innovative projects are currently some of the best resources for educating the next generation of entrepreneurs on the Metaverses of the future. Above all, the panel encouraged people to try things out themselves, but to do so cautiously, as bankruptcies and Chapter 11 filings coexist in this space alongside success stories.

David Lucatch, the CEO of Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc., a publicly-listed blockchain, fintech, and digital identity company, discussed the Metaverse with other panelists –  tech leaders from Ticket Fairy and Deep Waters. “There are different levels of identity and verification, from in-venue and online to Web3, Metaverse, no passwords, DeFi, and CeFi ID verification. What we need to do today is think about what the future holds for how ID and the Metaverse fit together, and what we need to do today to create safe, fair, and thriving ecosystems,” he said.  

Lucatch is the Managing Director of Aftermath Islands Metaverse, an interactive virtual reality world built on blockchain technology. His team have used their decades of combined experience to build Aftermath Islands as a hyper-realistic play-to-earn virtual environment that supports pixel streaming, interactivity, digital assets, and NFT-based identification solutions.

At the summit, global attendees had the opportunity to learn directly from some of the most forward-thinking entrepreneurs and technologists working in the field to gain a deeper understanding of the tech trends impacting the way the world does business. New investment strategies are now more important than ever, and the cutting-edge Family Office Summit helps identify and capitalize on long-term opportunities that are making waves in today’s global tech and business environments.


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