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From superfoods to eating light: Katrina Kaif and Dr Jewel Gamadia discuss varied dietary dynamics

Katrina Kaif has always been vocal about her love for fitness and clean eating! The ace actress holds the label of one of the fittest silver screen stars. The utter adoration for intense workout sesh, strong admiration for Pilates and strict dietary habits is the secret behind shaping a body as sensuous and enviable as hers. Since the b-town star is known to walk an extra mile when it comes to health, she has been a constant inspiration to those on a quest for fitness. Most recently, Kaif shared her health secrets in conversation with B-town’s prominent acupuncturist, Dr Jewel Gamadia.

Dr Gamadia posted their video on Instagram calling it  ‘Diet dynamics with K’ and they discussed dairy allergies, food intolerances and how to eat right.

Embracing gluten-free diet

Starting off the conversation, Katrina Kaif spoke about how she was suffering from a lot of allergies and remain unable to figure out what the issue was and that’s when she met Dr Jewel which made her cognizant about her body and pinpoint the reasons behind allergies and ways to overcome them. She reveals “Jewel was the person who told me about two simple things like dairy allergies which can really torture you if you don’t know about them and food intolerances.” She further continued by saying that Jewel actually got me off gluten and make me understand how diet plays such an essential part in how you feel. “You think that you’re on a simple diet but actually it’s like all about what’s right for you,” she utters.

Mental exhaustion and diet

Jewel said, “One of the most common misconceptions is you should not eat too much at night. But if you have had a hectic day, especially physically hectic day then you should eat because when you don’t eat, your body starts to slow down.” He further continues by saying that how much you should eat is completely dynamic as it depends upon how much you worked that day. If you follow that pattern very well, you will enjoy your biryanis without any guilt. On being asked by Katrina what are the pivotal things that people should follow to keep their health fine, he mentions “The first thing is you have to eat light. Nutrition plays a very vital role in feeling you right. Not only physically but it also aids in formulating your mental well-being. Today 80% of people get tired because of mental stress. Right nutrition and supplementation can help you in managing or handling the stress rightly.

The three things which helped the actress in keeping herself hale and hearty

Continuing further, Kaif reveals a list of things she definitely abides by and one of the most vital ones amongst them “is eating slowly and light, especially if it’s a super busy day.” Moreover, she highlights maintaining a healthy PH balance in the body and keeping the body alkaline rather than acidic. She calls it the golden rule and also emphasises on appropriate supplementation, breathing exercises, meditation and chewing the food and being happy in order to make your health blissful.

A precise list of 5 superfoods that should be a part of the daily diet

In conversation with Jewels, Kaif asked about the five superfoods that are a must-have in his diet and he said Spinach, turai, doodhi, and carrots: basically, all the foods that move into the system fast. Alternatively, Katrina’s list of superfoods includes potatoes, kale, spinach, sweet potatoes, and blueberries.

Eat green vegetables

The actress bid adieu by saying “Eat lots of vegetables. It is already told by your mama!”  

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