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From ‘Superbad’ To ‘Day Shift’, Dave Franco Peeing His Pants Will Never Not Be Funny

Fifteen years ago, Jonah Hill snidely advised Dave Franco—who had a bit role in 2007’s Superbad as Greg the soccer player—to go piss his pants again. (“That was like, eight years ago, asshole.” “People don’t forget!”) Now, it seems, Franco has finally taken Hill up on his offer. In his new Netflix movie Day Shift, the 37-year-old actor pees his pants not once, but twice. And it’s still just as funny as it was fifteen years ago.

That said, Day Shift isn’t exactly the comedic masterpiece that Superbad remains. But both Franco and star Jamie Foxx do their best to inject some genuine laugh-out-loud moments into the script when they can. Foxx assumes the role of the badass, doesn’t-play-by-the-rules vampire hunter Bud, while Franco stars as his tremblings, wishes-he-were-working-a-desk-job sidekick, Seth. Seth is technically Bud’s union rep, and he’s been tasked with recording any and all of Bud’s protocol violations. Unfortunately for Seth, that means he has to follow Bud into a violent fight with a deadly vampire.

Obviously, Seth is terrified the entire time. Bud saves him, but there is a casualty: Seth’s favorite suit, which he pisses himself in. “Relax, everybody pisses themselves the first time,” Bud tells him.

“Really?” Seth asks. “Did you?”

“No, I didn’t, but listen… you did,” Bud replies, reassuringly. Then he tenderly wipes away the tears in Seth’s eyes. It’s a funny moment that highlights Foxx and Franco’s easy comedic chemistry, which is perhaps why the filmmakers opted to make the pee-pee pants thing a running joke in the film. Later, when Seth pees himself again, during another vampire fight, he admits that pissing his pants is “kinda my thing.”

And that brings us back to Greg the soccer player in Superbad, so infamous for peeing himself that his classmates remembered the incident eight years later. It’s a 12-second scene, sure, but it’s one of the many quotable lines from the movie that’s gone down in cinematic history. And, as Hill says in the film, people don’t forget.

Franco himself acknowledged the connection in a recent interview with Looper, saying, “I’ve realized through this press tour that peeing my pants is my thing. I have done it in multiple films.”

Personally, I’d be thrilled if Franco’s calling card becomes peeing himself, much the way Samuel L. Jackson is all but contractually obligated to say the word “motherfucker” in his films. It’s what Greg deserves.

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