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From Cardioke to Parkour, offbeat workouts you must try to make exercise exciting

Almost everyone is forever on the quest for fitness. After all, wellness isn’t a quick fix for those who happen to be out of shape, but a healthy lifestyle that everyone must adopt and exercising is an important part of this. If you find that the regular workout sessions aren’t exciting enough for you or the usual sports aren’t your cup of tea, then try your hand at some unusual new workout methods to get your adrenaline pumping. Some of the following workouts may be just the thing to get you in ship shape and lose those stubborn few pounds that you’ve been trying to get rid of.

  1. Cardioke

An amalgamation of two elements mainly cardio and karaoke, this is just the thing for music buffs. If you’ve always wanted to scream out your favorite lyrics at the top of your lungs, then Cardioke will feel heavenly. It basically helps you perform cardio exercises while you sing. The lyrics to your chosen tunes will be displayed on screen and the melodies will be ringing across the room as you hum the songs that you can associate with powerful workout moves.

  1. Parkour

One of the most underrated athletic activities, Parkour is the perfect practice for you if you struggle with lack of exercise gear. This requires absolutely zero investment in expensive equipment, as it mainly involves the athletes to jump, pivot and cross every hurdle there is to get from their starting point to their destination in creative and fluid ways. As there is no assisting gear, it requires long hours of disciplined training to ensure that the practitioners do this unscathed.  

unusual workout techniques

  1. Underwater exercise bike

If you are tired of the treadmill and the exercise cycle, then perhaps an offbeat exercise like wet biking is for you. It involves an apparatus where a tub of water is fitted to an exercise cycle. So, this is essentially where the lower parts of your body are underwater while your torse is over the surface of the water. This way, your buttocks, lower back and legs have an incredible workout as you pedal against the force of the water.

  1. Goat yoga and Lemur yoga

For the uninitiated, goat yoga is an exciting practice that helps you try out your asanas while a young goat or kid is prancing around you. Many a times, the kid may climb your back or gently butt you while you train. The main goal of this is to relieve stress, as mingling with animals tends to lower stress levels by decreasing cortisol. It also leads to a boost in the serotonin and dopamine (which are associated with happiness) in your body.

unusual workout technique

Be it lemur yoga you with to practice or goat yoga, this is best done with a trained professional watching over you.

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