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From Aries to Aquarius: 4 Zodiac signs that are compatible with Kartik Aryan

Born on 22nd November 1990, Kartik Aryan is a Sagittarius. Kartik Aryan, aka the “chocolate boy of Bollywood,” has taken the film business by storm with his acting prowess and dashing personality, which complement his zodiac sign and make him a wonderful and adoring character to everybody. He, too, followed the traditional route before and came to Mumbai to enroll in an Engineering programme, like any other middle-class Indian. The same middle-class boy, however, was also secretly concealing a dream to someday become successful in the prestigious film industry, and it appears that after all these years, the boy has finally realized his aspirations. Kartik Aryan is a terrific personality to work with since he emanates confidence and zeal.

When it comes to dating, Sagittarians are quite open-minded, and they enjoy being around people who push them to see the world from new perspectives. Broadly speaking, Sagittarius is best compatible with other fire signs because they share the same appeal to emotion and with air signs since they have a comparable vitality and humor.

Here we bring you 4 zodiac signs which are compatible with Kartik Aryan.


1. Aries

Sagittarius and Aries make wonderful partners and lovers. They really appreciate one another’s optimistic view on life. Together, these signs, which are both brazen, daring, and upbeat, can conquer the globe. Others may become worn out by their enthusiasm and constant search for uniqueness, but this couple will benefit from one another.


2. Gemini

Despite being opposing signs, Gemini and Sagittarius are a very harmonious pair. Sagittarius may be both a learner and an educator at the same time thanks to the concepts and mental flexibility of Gemini. They will spend days simply getting to know one another and taking in their commonalities due to their mutual curiosity, which is reciprocal. Strong intellectual ties underlie their relationship, which will eventually give way to intense emotions.


3. Leo

Leo and Sagittarius make the ideal strong couple. These two sun signs will undoubtedly fall in love when they meet. They share the same enthusiasm for life and vitality. Sagittarius will be drawn to Leo’s exuberant and energetic spirit, and Leo will adore how amusing and fun-loving Sagittarius is. In addition, these two have a strong bond that enhances their loving bond.


4. Aquarius

Their ardour spreads like wildfire. Sagittarius and Aquarius complement each other beautifully. They believe in each other and expect the partner to give the other the space they need and don’t take it personally. Due to the extreme non-judgement attitude displayed by both of these signs, they allow for each other to be completely open and sincere with one another.

The aforementioned signs have the power to entice and keep a Sagittarius man like Kartik Aryan blissfully happy in a relationship.

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