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Fox May Be Outfoxed By Legal System (remember when Paul Weiss parachuted in to investigate Roger Ailes)

“Delaware Superior Court has dropped a bombshell on Fox Corp., rejecting its bid to kill the $1.6B libel suit lodged against it by Dominion voting machine maker. It ruled that Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch may have acted with ‘actual malice’ by allowing voter fraud claims that they knew were false to be aired on Fox News.” – Kevin McCauley, O’Dwyer’s Public Relations, June 22, 2022.

Essentially Judge Eric Davis decided that either the two were aware that Dominion hadn’t manipulated the election or had recklessly ignored the truth. 

There had been reports that Rupert knew Donald Trump had lost the election. In addition his media properties The Wall Street Journal and the New York Post called for Trump to accept that he lost the election. 

Murdoch and Son indicate that Dominion’s contentions are without merit. 

But, O’Dwyer Public Relations’ Editor-in-Chief McCauley posits the possibility that Fox might now consider pursuing a settlement. We can also anticipate that liberal media will run with this one. 

Those not far-right enjoy Fox’s possibly being cornered. The ever-so-earnest anchors like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity are way too smug. 

The last time we felt this glee had been when elite law firm Paul Weiss had been parachuted in during 2016 to investigate alleged sexual misconduct.

That was the beginning of the end of tyrannical Roger Ailes. One wonders if the brand of his personal public relations representative Bob Dilenschneider had also been tarnished.

It was also the kick-off of having brandname law firms conduct investigations of internal matters at media corporations. Currently those investigations, extended also to more general matters, are a lucrative niche for law firms. Any thing less than a formal investigation by a top law firm has no credibility. 

Outed since then, of course, has been how pervasive alleged sexual aggression had been among power players in broadcast. Without wrongdoing being admitted, big careers went poof. There is no coming back from that. Not at this point in history. 

Meanwhile, Paul Weiss, chaired by Brad Karp, had enhanced its brand aura through that assignment. The publicity was huge. Recently, that law firm surpassed once-iconic Cravath in Profits Per Equity Partner for 2021. Law.com documented these numbers:

Paul Weiss – $6.162 million

Cravath – $5.803 million.

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