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“For The Champions League” –  Watch Pep Lijnders Reveals Secret Behind Liverpool’s Transfer Strategy And Admits ‘happiness’ At Club’s Recruitment Team

“For the champions league” –  Watch Pep Lijnders reveals secret behind Liverpool’s transfer strategy and admits ‘happiness’ at club’s recruitment team

After yet another successful transfer window, Pep Lijnders detailed the types of players Liverpool seeks to sign and lauded the club’s recruitment team.

Despite the fact that the club still has until September 1st at 11:59 p.m. to sign and sell players, it is believed that Jurgen Klopp is now satisfied with the incomings at Anfield this summer.

"For the champions league" -  Watch Pep Lijnders reveals secret behind Liverpool’s transfer strategy and admits ‘happiness’ at club’s recruitment team 2 Sportelo

Liverpool may have won the community shield but they need to be wary of Man City (Getty Images)

The three Merseyside arrivals during the current transfer window are Fabio Carvalho, Darwin Nunez, and Calvin Ramsay.

Despite many Reds supporters urging the team to add a new midfielder, that position will only be strengthened if the right player becomes available at the right price.

According to Lijnders, the club won’t sign a player unless the coaching staff and recruitment team deem them worthy of the starting XI.

“When we want to sign someone, we sign them for the first 11,” he said (as quoted by the Liverpool Echo).

“That doesn’t mean we only have 11 players. It means that you want players who you feel can play and make a difference in the big games.

“The question always lies in are you fighting to become a champion? Or are you fighting for the top four?

“Are you fighting for the Champions League? Or are you fighting for the League Cup? That is a big, big difference and people underestimate it.

“So in this way, the team needs consistency that we have created over the last year.

“What I want to get to is the signings that you make, you have to have this immediate impact basically.

“That is not easy, that means there is a lot of work. That is why we are so happy with our scouting department and our sporting director.

“We really tried to sign the players who can make the difference.”

This summer, Sadio Mane left the Reds for Bayern Munich, dismantling the renowned front three of Mane, Firmino, and Mo Salah.

Mane was a key component of the recent success the Reds have experienced.

Lijnders recalled how he and the other coaches thought the Senegal star would succeed at the club when Liverpool acquired him from Southampton back in 2016.

“I remember the process of signing Sadio, watching different players, doing background checks, watching him on the big screen in our coaches’ room and us all saying yes,” he added.

“But I think in life it is really important that you don’t look to the past.

“You can speak a lot about what you had but it is much more important what you want.

“We feel that with our squad, and especially our front players, we are ready to compete.

“The individual player will always influence a team in a certain way. For example, Luis Diaz gives us much more, not more than Sadio, but gives them something to pose on the outside.

“He will dribble and that gives players in the centre something for them to [attack].

“So when we play with Bobby (Roberto Firmino), it’s much more from the outside.

“So Luis gives a different vibe but so does Darwin.

W”e know what we want and where we want to go, it’s about time because time creates relationships in football and that’s the most important thing that we have.

“Real connections with our players and in that time we will give everyone who is new.

“That is what we have always done. I am really grateful that we have signed these two players, Fabio and Ibou (Ibrahima Konate).

“I really like how we are recruiting. That is what we want.”

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