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Foot scare after pro-am vs. LeBron James

Chet Holmgren, one of the most promising rookies in the NBA, is undergoing evaluation after suffering ligament damage in his foot.

The Athletic’s Shams Charania reports that Holmgren has “potential torn ligaments” and that “[a] timetable is being determined based on further evaluations.”

The Thunder selected the 22-year-old Holmgren as the second overall pick in the 2022 NBA Draft out of Gonzaga.

Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report observed that Holmgren appeared to injure his foot while guarding LeBron James in a pro-am game in Seattle on Saturday.

Chet Holmgren appeared to injure his foot guarding LeBron James at a Pro-Am game in Seattle.
Chet Holmgren appeared to injure his foot guarding LeBron James at a pro-am game in Seattle.
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“It looked like Chet actually got hurt when defending Lebron on a fast break. You could immediately see it in his face,” Rooks tweeted.

She continued: “The Chet injury was maybe one minute into the game? As players continue to do this I wonder what effect this will have for pro ams and runs in general. Can absolutely see a world where contracts explicitly discuss injuries that that happen outside of NBA regulated activities.

“I was literally at this game lol and very close the slippery floor was not an issue at the time this injury happened. Players started discussing the floor near the 2nd quarter. If Chet was affected by the floor conditions in this instance it was not known. The game continued.”

The 7-footer had electric performances at NBA Summer League, and there were high hopes for his rookie season in Oklahoma City.

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