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Food vacuum sealer machine is 60% off on Amazon


Nowadays, it seems like everyone’s always trying to show you their air fryer.

It’s been nearly impossible to go into someone’s home for the last year without them excitedly showing you how great leftover fries taste after a trip in the air fryer. We get it. We like air fryers as much as the next New York Post Shopping enthusiast (in fact, we love them), but don’t they feel a little 2022?

If you’re ready to hop on the new kitchen gadget trend ahead of the curve, look no further than the vacuum sealer machine. Sure, they can heat up fried chicken and cauliflower in their air fryer, but have they ever made steak and potatoes the French way, à la sous vide?

There are plenty of excellent vacuum sealer machine deals around (including this PowerXL Duo vacuum sealer on Amazon), but we’re particularly wowed by this whopping 60% off deal on an 8-in-1 Vacuum Sealer Machine from Beelicious, available now on Amazon for just $48.

Chrome vacuum sealer.

“8-in-1?” you may be asking yourself, “but I would barely know what to do with it if it just had one mode.” Reader, don’t fret. We’ll spell them out for you. Simply insert one of the included bags into the 11.8-inch width seal, select one of your eight modes (Pulse, Moist, Dry, Seal, Vac Seal, Stop, External Vac, and Built-in-Cutter), and preserve your food in its juices or without. Whether you’re sous vide’ing or merely saving it for later, the Beelicious 8-in-1 vacuum sealer is sure to do the trick.

Better yet, the Beelicious vacuum sealer also comes with an attachable gasket for sealing differently-sized items, such as wine bottles or Tupperware. Our advice? Act now: this deal doesn’t suck.

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