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If you thought the agents at Oppenheim’s LA office were intense and competitive, just wait until you meet the real estate agents of Selling the OC. These agents know how list houses and get paid — and now they know how to make good television, too. This is the docusoap you’ve been waiting for ever since Christine bid adieu to the kingdom of drama that she built over five seasons.

Just like any good season of reality TV, you know the editors couldn’t squeeze in all of the drama into every episode. If you want the full story and updates on who’s fighting with who, you’re gonna have to click “follow” on all of the Selling the OC agents and keep on refreshing that feed. One thing’s for sure: the ensuing Instagram Lives are going to be hot.

So, where can you find all of the Selling the OC agents on Instagram? Here’s everything you need to know.

Alex Hall

Photo: Netflix

Originally from the OC, Alex is kind of the head cheerleader of the OC Oppenheim crew. This single mother of two is a total perfectionist, but she also hosts pizza night at her place. She can work and party.

Alexandra Jarvis & Alexandra Rose

Photo: Netflix

As this real estate tag team says, two Alexandras are better than one. Alexandra Jarvis also works as an attorney and loves being part of the most successful realtors at the Oppenheim group. Alexandra Rose aspires to be the biggest real estate agent in America, and she really doesn’t care to be friends with anyone in the office (except her bestie Alexandra).

Austin Victoria

Photo: Netflix

Austin turned to real estate in order to provide for his growing family, and that’s where his priorities lie. Of course he also knows how to get in a bit of partying every now and then — but now he knows when to cool it and go home to his wife.

Brandi Marshall


Brandi previously worked in public relations in Los Angeles, but she’s moved to the OC in order to better provide for her two kids. Her husband is a retired overseas basketball player, which gives her an inside track into potential NBA clientele.

Gio Helou

Photo: Netflix

The self-described “top dog” and “fucking rock star” of the Oppenheim Group’s OC office, Gio is a confident go-getter who rubs some of his co-workers the wrong way. So what? He’s not getting a commission for being nice to the other agents. Gio’s main goal is making his real estate legend mom proud.

Kayla Cardona

Photo: Netflix

Kayla is new to the world of real estate and she’s jumping into the deep end in the OC, but she’s used to overcoming obstacles. She became a single mother at the age of 18 and persevered — and now she’s setting her sites on becoming the best real estate agent at Oppenheim.

Lauren Brito

Photo: Netflix

Lauren is another real estate agent who’s learning the ropes at Oppenheim and acclimating to the OC area. She frequently partners up with Brandi to get the job done, and it looks like the Alexandras might have competition when it comes to being the top-selling team.

Polly Brindle

Photo: Netflix

Originally from the UK, Polly is a star on the rise within the Oppenheim Group. She’s got a big personality and isn’t afraid to let people know her opinions — and she’s very vocal about her disdain for the Alexandras Jarvis and Rose.

Sean Palmieri


Sean is bisexual and, at the age of 29, has determined that men and women are equally crazy. All he wants is peace at the office and for everyone to nix the bad vibes — but that’s not the show that Netflix ordered, now is it?

Tyler Stanaland

Photo: Netflix

Like Alex Hall, Tyler was born and raised in the OC. He’s a passionate surfer and he previously competed on the professional level, but now he’s joined the family business of real estate. Oh, and his wife is Pitch Perfect’s Brittany Snow.

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