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Fetch.ai Releases DabbaFlow, an End-to-End Data Sharing Platform

Fetch.ai, the team behind the modern, energy-efficient blockchain network combining machine learning and crypto to release a new generation of customization, highly efficient, and secure dApps, has released DabbaFlow, an end-to-end encrypted data sharing platform accessible to businesses and individuals.

As per a recent press release, DabbaFlow is the first addition to Fetch.ai’s CoLearn Ecosystem. This ecosystem showcases Fetch.ai’s position in dApp customization and integration of machine learning capabilities for higher efficiency and end-user experience enhancement. 

By merging the exciting capabilities of the blockchain and artificial intelligence, dApps in data-sensitive and quality-demanding sectors like finance can leverage the Fetch.ai blockchain to release functional dapps with baked-in security, privacy preservation, and unparalleled efficiency.

DabbaFlow is native to Fetch.ai and is the first of the planned series of products that will be part of CoLearn. The product uses multiple layers of encryption while maintaining high levels of performance. Most importantly, even amid the autonomy, end users will still retain complete data control. Besides, all data generated from products that are part of the CoLearn ecosystem will be easy to transfer. This is because these data will be available on the menu bar, and users can quickly transfer them in seconds, straight through DabbaFlow.

Humayun Sheikh, Founder and CEO of Fetch.ai, said the end-to-end data encryption tool, DabbaFlow, provides a data management tool for creating powerful AI models relevant to the blockchain:

“If data is the new oil, we need rigs and refineries that keep up with the times. People are beginning to understand how valuable their data is and with the paradigm shifting towards more secure and decentralized solutions, new business models are emerging. DabbaFlow is here to provide the data management tools to create powerful AI models that are relevant to a distributed web.”

Noteworthy, the team at Fetch.ai is releasing DabbaFlow to resolve pressing needs, especially on data security and privacy. DabbaFlow integrates advanced data sharing and privacy-preserving technologies to serve the ever-rising demands of clients in the real-world economy. 

Providers in these sectors, as history shows, are being constantly targeted by hackers. This is because they are custodians of critical revealing personal information, including credit card information and addressees. DabbaFlow is now presenting a reliable tool anchored on the security, privacy, and reliability of the Fetch.ai blockchain for partnering users in any sector of the real-world economy to take more control of their data confidently. 

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