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Feeling too possessive about your partner? Here’s how to deal with it

Being in a new relationship can be an exhilarating feeling. This is also a time when you forge your commitment to each other and look forward to a flourishing future together. It is a time when you banish your insecurities and open yourself up to your partner. But this process may bring up new feelings, and one of these maybe possessiveness, which can be an undesirable weed in your garden of love. So, here are a few ways to deal with such feelings of overprotectiveness and possessiveness that you’ve been feeling toward your partner.

a possessive partner

  1. Try your best not to pry into their business if you can help it. Remember that they had a flourishing life before they met you and you must do your best to improve it instead of limiting them in any way. It is the only way to build a healthy relationship.
  2. Avoid accusing them of lying to you or making them feel accountable to you in any situation. Remember that baseless accusations will only help alienate them from you and push them further away which can be the beginning of the end of your relationship.
  3. Instead of feeling cranky or grumpy and giving them the silent treatment because they left you alone to hang out with their friends or family; it would be wise to discern the root of the problem. Use a direct approach and speak to them about how you have been feeling. Expressing your emotions may help you avoid passive aggressiveness in the relationship.
  4. If your partner has been complaining that you have been isolating them, then the first thing to do is to make sure you yourself have a healthy support system and friend circle outside your partner.
  5. Devote equal time to hanging out with your friends, so that you do not wish to get all your partner’s attention and time all the time. Maintain your friendships and hone them so that you are not in a co-dependant relationship.

avoiding being a possessive partner

If you find that your feelings of possessiveness do not abate despite trying out some of these methods, then it may be time to seek the counsel of a therapist who can help you find a lasting fix.

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