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Fantasy football fallout and projections

At long last, the Browns, and fantasy football managers, can begin planning for the NFL season actually knowing how much Deshaun Watson they can expect to see. 

It was revealed Monday morning that Watson will be suspended for the first six games in the aftermath of 24 sexual misconduct lawsuits, most of which have been settled. That will leave Watson eligible to play in the final 11 games. 

That is a big chunk of the season. Though, having sat out all of last year as the allegations mounted, and considering he is joining a new team and learning a new offense and will be surrounded by new teammates, it is safe to assume there will be a period of rust, perhaps significant. 

Before his suspension was announced, some fantasy managers were taking late fliers on Watson. He had an average draft value (ADP) that had him being selected around the 15th round — sometimes a tad earlier, sometimes going undrafted. 

Deshaun Watson
Deshaun Watson
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Expect his ADP to get a swift kick upward now. No longer will you be able to get him in the last couple of rounds. In primary 12-team PPR leagues, imagine he will slot in just behind Derek Carr once the dust has settled.

That would put him in the 12th-round range, only moving up past Kirk Cousins and Trey Lance, though skipping over Lance is no guarantee — if the first-year 49ers starter looks good early in camp, his value could rise much higher. 

Betting on the NFL?

At present, with essentially no draft data to review, this is a guesstimate by the Madman. A more thorough evaluation will come later. The Post’s six-week draft preview series tackles quarterbacks beginning the week of Aug. 14, so check back then for a more detailed, informed analysis. 

To see where Watson stacks up post-suspension and more, use the DVQ Fantasy Football chart below. Complete with ADP and DVQ ratings from me, the Fantasy Madman, this is an excellent tool to use as you prepare for fantasy drafts.

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