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EXCLUSIVE: Vani Bhojan on Tamilrockerz with Arun Vijay; Being approached for Oh My Kaduvale Telugu remake

Vani Bhojan, who made her breakthrough with Oh My Kadavule in 2020, will be seen next in an upcoming OTT web series Tamilrockerz, which is all set to release on SonyLIV on August 19. The web series is about the illegal pirated website and is based on some of the real events that panned out during the mission to nab the culprits behind Tamilrockers. Ahead of the release, In an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla, Vani Bhojan shared her views on Tamilrockerz, her Telugu debut, and more. 

Sharing on why Vani chose to come on board for playing a crucial role in Tamilrockerz, “First of all, the script is only very interesting. It’s very similar to real life, not just about piracy so I thought I should be part of the series. Also, I play a forensic officer and my director knew what he wanted from me so there was no prep work. We were good to go.” 

Vani says it’s not right for pirated sites to release the film on its theatrical release date itself. She adds, “It shouldn’t be done this way. There is so much life and hard work involved in it, be it actors, technicians, or producers. This is not right, it’s illegal and we are not supposed to do it.” For unversed, Tamilrockerz is known for releasing pirated films on the day of the film’s theatrical release, shocking industry insiders.

The actress also believes the increase of illegal pirated sites has increased post-pandemic lockdown due to a surge in ticket prices. “I believe in that actually due to price high or whatever, people love watching on phones. Even I thought about it, and audiences don’t know what they are doing. This series will tell why should piracy be stopped and what really happens. 

Vani shared the ground story of piracy took her back in a state of shock. “I knew very little about piracy. I mean I knew producers get affected and stuff but then later when I got into this project, it was huge. It’s the whole network behind there. There’s so much life involved in it. Once I came into this project, I got a personal connection. I mean as the character I play, Sandhya, so I have a backstory, which is very emotional and I really felt very bad for the producers, directors, and their families, who went through these. So it was heartbreaking once I finished the series.”

Sharing her working experience with Arjun Vijay, Vani said, “the combination itself is so great. It was excellent working with him.” The actress also stressed that the impact of her character matters to her more than screen space and time. She added, “that script also plays a big role. If my role is nothing, I will reject it even if it’s a big film, director or actors.”

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“I have done a Television series for 5 years and that gave a huge name. That’s what’s got me here. After that, I took a break, and Oh My Kadavule happened and became a huge hit. I just feel like this journey has been super good and feel blessed to be part of this industry,” on getting a breakthrough with the debut film itself.

After her Telugu debut with Vijay Deverakonda’s production film Meeku Maathrame Cheptha in Telugu, Vani has been away from Tollywood. Speaking about her comeback, she said, “I have been waiting for it. I love Telugu and loved working with Tharun Bhasckar and Vijay Deverakonda sir. So I hope I find another producer for my next or I don’t mind if Vijay will produce too. Waiting to do a Telugu film, I have got a couple of offers but nothing was great so I was like no.”

She also added, Oh My Kaduvale also broke the streak of typecasting as the director approached many big actresses but just because of the word ‘Akka’ (sister), they were not ready to do it and many also asked to remove the word as they were okay with the role. But I said if there is no Akka, there is nothing. I was not insecure because a word like this is going to change my career or something. The first film itself I have done.” 

Vani Bhojan also revealed that she was approached for the Telugu remake of Oh My Kaduvale as well but she rejected it because she didn’t want to repeat the role. “However, I’m super excited for the Telugu version, I can’t wait to watch,” said Vani as she signed off.

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