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Exclusive: Raqesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty have broken up months after denying their split

Pinkvilla was the first one to exclusively report that Bigg Boss fame couple Raqesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty had broken up in March 2022. However, our story was denied by Shamita Shetty as she and Raqesh were not open to talking about it. Shamita on her social media handle had claimed, “We request you all to not believe in any sort of rumours pertaining to our relationship. There is no truth in this. Love & light to everyone.” 


Shamita and Raqesh called it quits in March as things didn’t work out between them. According to our sources, ‘They were clashing on too many things, and hence, they decided to separate’. It was due to their work commitments that they had to hide their breakup and denied our story. After our breakup story, one of the ShaRa fans questioned Akansha Malhotra (Shamita and Shilpa’s best friend) on her post, ‘Why Raqesh and Shamita don’t post pictures with each other anymore?’ To which Shamita’s mom Sunanda Shetty replied, ‘Hey shrey BB show is over. She has a private personal life where her privacy shouldn’t be invaded if she so chooses. Now they are gtg to know each other better as Friends. Her life is not on Live mode now as it was on the show. Pls respect her privacy. If you’ll love her then let the love be unconditional. Appreciate it. Lots of love. God bless.”


We hope the best for Shamita and Raqesh.

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