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EXCLUSIVE: Mallika Sherawat says how people perceive her is their problem: I don’t give a damn, I live my life

Mallika Sherawat’s Rajat Kapoor directed RK/RKAY releases tomorrow, and in an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla recently, the actress opened up about bagging the film. “It took 20 years for a Rajat Kapoor to come to me with an RK/RKAY, and I just feel so happy, grateful and blessed to be a part of his creative vision because I am a huge fan of his. Ankhon Dekhi is one of my favourite films. He is one of those rare Bollywood gems, he has a vision, a philosophy, and every film of his is an artistic piece. He doesn’t care for money, he doesn’t run behind profit or loss, for him this is his creative vision, and he wants to share it with people,” says Mallika

She feels our cinema has evolved, and OTT has played a huge part in it. “The kind of roles that are written for actresses also have evolved. I always give the example of Delhi Crime. Ten years ago we could never imagine a 50-year-old actress headlining a superhit series, and the series is a blockbuster. Shefali Shah is such a trailblazer, and she has really paved the way for actresses like us,” she states.

However, waiting for 20 years is a long time. During the wait, does self-doubt creep in? “Actors are always doubting themselves. Because we are always evolving, we want to create the best and want to create more, so there is always that doubt for sure. I had a lot of doubts because look at my company. You’re with Ranvir Shorey, I think who is the greatest actor of this generation, there is nobody better than him. Rajat Kapoor is also acting in the film, Manu Rishi (Chadha), Kubbra Sait, they are all just accomplished phenomenal actors,” Mallika points out.  

So then how does she battle self-doubt? “We all are human beings, we all have our ups and downs. But you know my philosophy of life is, what people think of me, how they perceive me as, it’s their problem, it’s their bloody problem. I just don’t give a damn. I live my life,” she concludes. 

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