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EXCLUSIVE: Alaya F says she was very insecure about her legs: I have insulted and spoken badly about them

She may be an actor by profession, but Alaya F has carved a niche for herself in many other aspects, too. The Jawaani Jaaneman star is equally well-known and admired for her relatable style, and dedication for fitness— her Instagram page is proof of it all. Meanwhile, before becoming an actor, she was very insecure about her legs and knees? Yes! You heard it right. In an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, the actress talked about many things including body insecurities, her journey from evolving herself, training every day to work on her flaws and many more.

During the interview, talking about her insecurities, the actress said, “I used to be very insecure of my knees, my legs, like very insecure. I joined Kathak classes and there’s this knee chakkars that you do. I am the only one in my class that can do them, the only. And my guruji uses it like some, he uses me like a show puppet, like knee chakkar dikhao sabko, any new person, he is like knee chakkar dikhao. I thought these are the same knees that have insulted and spoken badly about for years. Since the time I was eleven years old, these are the same knees that are giving me the ability and strength to do something nobody else around is able to do in my class. So these moments that put so many things into perspective for me when I was like it’s so easy to savor the relationship with yourself or you know to strain it. The second you center yourself, it becomes very easy to sort out issues that come up in your life.”

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