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Ethereum L2 Arbitrum Nitro Upgrade Was Accomplished

Ethereum L2 Arbitrum Nitro Upgrade Was Accomplished
  • The scaling network Arbitrum moved to Nitro on 31st August.
  • Bellatrix upgrade will be antecedent to “The Merge”.

Ethereum network has updates queued in the coming days. The scaling network Arbitrum moved to Nitro on 31st Aug, as per a tweet made by the network. A Fully integrated layer 2 optimistic rollup system is Nitro. Furthermore, Nitro also includes enhanced calldata compression, the sequencer, token bridges, and fraud proofs.

The shifting of Arbitrum One to Arbitrum Nitro transition was a success on 31 Aug. The date is also one-year completion of the Arbitrum mainnet live event. Steven Goldfeder, CEO, and co-founder of Offline Labs mentioned in an interview that the scalability issue is more like a cat and mouse game that runs in a loop. An increase in scalability attracts more users and an increase in users again points down the scalability issue.

Steven Goldfeder states:

“Nitro launch will massively increase network capacity and significantly reduce costs”

Enhancements in L2 Chain 

Nitro’s main component is a new prover that can perform the traditional interactive fraud proofs of Arbitrum over WASM code. Thus, in contrast to the custom-built language and compiler used in earlier Arbitrum versions, the L2 Arbitrum engine may be written and compiled using regular languages and tools.

Arbitrum OS was recently revised to Go. To effectively reduce the cross-chain communications and the cost on L1 through revamped batching & compression protocols. The transaction of Arbitrum is was seamless with calculated downtime of 2 to 4 hours. 

The most anticipated Ethereum “The Merge” will get live on the Beacon chain from the 10th to the 20th of Sept. That will have an antecedent of the Bellatrix upgrade on the 6th Sept. The shifting from PoW to PoS has made various communities hold the lending temporarily.

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