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Emma Roberts is nervous her son Rhodes might inherit THIS trait from her: I hope it’s not hereditary

Emma Roberts recently opened up about her two-year-old son Rhodes. The 31-year-old actress appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show where she revealed being nervous about a trait that she hopes her son does not pick up from her. What could it be? Can you guess?

Emma Roberts hopes her son Rhodes does not get THIS trait from her

Talking to Kelly Clarkson, Emma shared that she hopes her son Rhodes does not inherit the habit of sleepwalking from her. “I had a little bit of sleepwalking. I hope it’s not hereditary because my mom also sleepwalked,” Emma said. “One time I was sleepwalking and she was sleepwalking and we actually ran into each other. We were both so freaked out.”

Continuing further, she added that despite being totally capable, her two-year-old son has still not attempted to climb out of the crib yet, which according to her, is ‘very sweet’ of Rhodes.

While Emma is happy he has not yet climbed out of the crib, she is preparing for the day when he will.

“I just hope he doesn’t sleepwalk on top of that,” she added.

Emma Roberts shares her son Rhodes with ex-partner Garrett Hedlund

Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund began their relationship in 2019 and welcomed their son Rhodes in December 2020. Over a year later, in January 2022, the actors parted ways. Last year, on Rhodes’ second birthday, both Emma and Garrett took to their Instagram spaces to wish their baby boy on his special day. “Happy Birthday to my angel boy Rhodes!!! I love you beyond! 2 (slew of emojis),” Emma wrote alongside an adorable photo of Rhodes on her Instagram account.

On the other hand, Garrett wrote, “Happy 2nd Birthday to My Beautiful lil Boy Rhodes!!! You are truly, ‘Where The Roses Grow!’ I Love You More than Anything else my eyes will ever see!!! (red heart emojis).”

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