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Elon Musk changes Twitter name to ‘Mr. Tweet’ and now can’t change it back


Even Twitter boss Elon Musk isn’t above the social media platform’s mistakes.

On Wednesday, Musk tweeted that he changed his name to “Mr. Tweet” but was prevented from changing it back.

“Changed my name to Mr. Tweet, now Twitter won’t let me change it back,” Musk wrote in a post accompanied by a laughing emoji. 

FOX Business has reached out to Twitter. 

Musk frequently tweets throughout the day about various topics, including politics and the platform itself. 

In recent weeks, he has released the “Twitter Files” in a series of installments of what went on behind the scenes before he acquired the company. 

Elon Musk said he changed his Twitter handle and can't change it back. 
Elon Musk said he changed his Twitter handle and can’t change it back. 

The Twitter Files have been reported by a rotation of independent journalists and writers, who were given unprecedented access to Twitter’s internal archives.  


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