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Double Transits of Mercury in August 2022; What it does mean for your zodiac signs

Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system, and as per mythology, Mercury is considered a messenger of the god. The planet mercury is responsible for our day-to-day expression and communication, which in turn impacts our empathy and relationship with people at large. Furthermore, it is the planet of individual intellect, awareness, logical & analytical reasoning as well as memory which forms a core basis of our skills in our day-to-day life journey.

Additionally, as per principles of Vedic Astrology, Mercury is the ruler of two zodiac signs, i.e., Gemini and Virgo, which rules the third and sixth house of Kaal Purush Kundali.

The month of August in the year 2022 is very special for the transit of Mercury as Mercury will be undergoing Atichari Gati, i.e., higher speed than usual, and because of this, Mercury will transit twice in the month of August, the first one taking place in Leo and the second one taking place in Virgo. 

Astrologically, these transits are very significant because they will occur within a 20-day interval from each other. Mercury will make its first transit on August 1, 2022. It will enter Leo at 03:38 am on Monday, August 1, 2022, and stay there till Sunday, August 21, 2022, at which point it will go on to the following sign, Virgo, which is its own sign as well Mercury becomes exalted in the sign of Virgo.

Mundane Impact of Dual Transit of Mercury 

The higher speed transit of the planet becomes too vital and critical for mundane predictions, which impacts the country and complete world differently. This time period of Mercury’s high-speed transit is coincident with the retrograde motion of Jupiter and Saturn. On an elemental analysis of this transit, the first transit of Mercury would be in Leo (Fire Sign), and the second transit would be in Virgo (Earth Sign), and this journey of travel from fire to earth is quite significant.

During this time, we need to be careful about what we hear and speak as the chances of rumour mongering is quite high during this time. People in power, like politicians, and celebrities, will face public uproar and criticism for your speech and actions.

This time will keep law enforcement agencies busy in managing the emotions of people, riots and also scams. Additionally, the share markets and weather would remain unpredictable and will go through extreme volatility all across India and the globe.

Mundane Impact of Dual Transit of Mercury

Impact of Dual Transit of Mercury on Zodiac Signs

This Atichari gati transit will segment the zodiac signs into two broader groups wherein one group will witness fortunes turning their side in this transit, and the other group will not experience many changes to their life pattern due to this transit.

The two transits of Mercury in one month will be fortunate for these zodiac signs:


For Aries, the two Mercury transits in a month will be exceedingly fortunate. Natives will see favourable outcomes in their field during this period, and some might also receive promotions or raises. Family life will be good. Maternal uncle will provide you with unwavering support throughout this time. Love life will be fulfilling, you’ll get to spend quality time with your spouse or partner, and you’ll notice your bond strengthening, which will also be great for your health. 



Taurus will witness a significant improvement in their communication skills, which will help them at work. The time is perfect to start something new. The financial aspect will also be quite good, so you are free to invest in any type of property during this time. There will be a good rapport with the family. For romantic relationships, the time will also be favourable. Married people will be full of contentment from their child side.


The two Mercury transits will be fortunate for Gemini natives. Efforts will be rewarded, and chances are increasing for you to succeed in your professional life. People associated with real estate will get beneficial outcomes. Family life will be beautiful. The timing will be favourable from a financial perspective. Expenses may go up; therefore, you must take some caution.



Mercury transits will be more advantageous. People who are employed will have good luck throughout this period. Business people will be able to build connections with prominent people, which will help their company in the long run. Family life will be good, and our friends and family will be completely supporting you. This period will be fortunate for married and committed natives. Those under this sign who are interested in learning astrology may find this time to be quite advantageous. 



The people of this zodiac sign will benefit from both of these Mercury transits. People who are doing business in partnerships at this time will make a good profit. Senior officials and fellow employees will offer their complete assistance to the employed people. Family time will be fantastic. Revenue will be satisfactory because of which you will succeed in generating wealth as well. You may go on a family vacation. This transit will be particularly favourable for natives involved in politics and communication.

For other zodiac signs, this transit would be neutral to negative, and one needs to exercise extreme caution in communication and people-to-people interactions. 
Tuning Aura Energy to Cosmic Energy of Mercury 

Since this month would be experiencing high-speed transit of Mercury and its spin frequency would also be modified, one needs to realign one’s energies to this cosmic energy of Mercury.
Some simple yet effective remedies are below: 

One can do meditation for 23 minutes at 852 Hz sound frequency on a regular basis 

One can also write “141.27” and “7.83” on Venus’s mount of left palm with a blue pen. 

One can also chant the Vedic mantras of budh dev to seek his blessings. 

One can also seek the blessings of the sister to tune into this energy. 

In conclusion, this is the time when one should listen more and speak less. Shallow talks should be deprioritized, and concrete silent actions should be made a priority. 

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