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DoorDash employee leaves ‘fat-phobic’ note in junk food order


A woman has claimed her DoorDash order came with a free side of fat shaming — in the form of a passive aggressive note.

TikTok user Marina, 26, blasted the food delivery service after she found a personal note in the bag of junk food her girlfriend had ordered, which read: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” and included an apple in the bag.

In the clip, which has been viewed over 10,000 times, Marina said her girlfriend — who didn’t want to be on camera — has digestive issues and was told to gain weight. So, she ordered a bag of Cheetos, a box of Delimex taquitos and a Dr Pepper from DoorMart, a subsidiary of DoorDash.

Marina explained her girlfriend “can’t eat apples, so the rude gesture doesn’t apply,” and that it’s a “fatphobic” remark to make.

Marina said she was fat-shamed by  DoorDash.
Marina said she was fat-shamed by DoorDash.
She declared the note 'passive aggressive.'
She declared the note “passive aggressive.”
The ordered an assortment of junk food through the service.
The ordered an assortment of junk food through the service.

“This is food-shaming as f–k, fatphobic as f–k, ableist as f–k, and just so inappropriate,” Marina said in the clip. “If you’re delivering someone’s food, why are you going to be judging them?”

Followers couldn’t believe the note, commenting in disbelief.

“It would’ve literally taken them zero effort to just not leave that note,” one user pointed out.

“That’s so insane, especially since they don’t know what situation anyone is in,” another pointed out. “They shouldn’t be making ANY judgements, period.”

DoorDash told the Post they are urgently investigating the incident.

“If what has been reported is true, it is offensive and unacceptable,” a spokesperson said. “We take the report seriously and we’re investigating. We want everyone who uses our platform to have a safe, enjoyable experience and we have no tolerance for hate or discrimination of any kind. “


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