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Do you have a sweet tooth? Nutritionist recommends steps to fight your sugar cravings

Do you want to lose those extra fats but at the same time can’t resist sweets? Ugh! We know how frustrating it can get at a point. It’s important to note the reason for your sugar cravings. Such sweet cravings usually indicate that your body isn’t getting enough calories hence it is turning towards sugary items as it gives quick energy. Not eating enough proteins, eating too much salty food, and not drinking enough water are some reasons you just can’t control that urge.

Anisha V Ranjan, Dietician and Nutritionist suggests some tips to help you fight your sugar cravings


Try incorporating fruits into your diet and sprinkle some chia seeds or nuts on it or have it with peanut butter. This is a healthy alternative and healthy fats will help you control your cravings! Next time you feel the urge to have something sugary, try eating fruits high in sugar like grapes and mangoes etc as they have plant compounds and nutrients.


False cravings

Make sure you are drinking enough water: dehydration can be another reason for your sugar craving as lack of fluid affects glycogen and your body craves sugar for energy, so make sure if you are actually craving sugar or if it’s false and you are just need to drink more water. 

Dark chocolates

Try incorporating dark chocolate rather than normal chocolates. Dark chocolate is rich in magnesium, zinc, antioxidants and iron and boosts your heart health. Make sure it is at least 85% dark. 

Dark Chocolates

Snack bars

One can opt for oats or nuts combined with dark chocolate or honey. One can even make snack bars at home. You can add chia seeds etc to it to make it more fibrous and nutritious. 

Lastly, keep a check on your diet! Incorporating avocados, quinoa, lentils, and beans into your diet can also help you. Make sure you keep a check on your body every day and if you are feeling that sugar urge in the afternoon, it indicates you need to incorporate more proteins in your diet, balance your meals and become more conscious about what you eat.

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