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Did Pete Davidson remove all tattoos dedicated to ex Kim Kardashian?


Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian broke up five months ago. And it looks like the 29-year-old comedian has now bid farewell to all the tattoos he once got inked in honour of his then-girlfriend Kim.

Pete Davidson removes tattoos dedicated to ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian

Pete Davidson was recently on a trip to Hawaii over the weekend with his rumoured girlfriend Chase Sui Wonders. Pete went shirtless on the beach, reportedly revealing that his tattoos dedicated to Kim were nowhere to be seen.

For the unversed, Pete had got several tattoos that referenced Kim and her children. For instance, Pete got a tattoo that read, “My girl is a lawyer,” as Kim is studying law. She even passed the California “baby bar” in December 2021. However, as per Page Six, this ink was absent during his recent vacation at the beach.

Back in October 2022, Pete was seen donning a bandage above his left collarbone, where the “My girl is a lawyer” tattoo was. This led to speculations that the Meet Cute star must have got laser treatments done to get the ink removed permanently. His latest pictures from Hawaii only confirm this rumour, with the tribute to Kardashian absent from its spot.

Apart from this tattoo, Pete also had a tattoo with Jasmine and Aladdin design on the side of his clavicle. He got this inked to commemorate his first kiss with Kim Kardashian during a skit on Saturday Night Live. This was gone too.

Not only tattoos, but the SNL star had also gone a step further and gotten Kim’s name branded across his chest. In its place now, there remains only a faint scar in the middle of his dog tattoo. Talking to Ellen DeGeneres last year, Kim revealed that Pete got the branding of her name because of its permanence. She revealed that Davidson told her, “I don’t want to be able to get rid of it or to cover it up, and I just wanted it there as a scar on me.”

Pete also had the initials of Kim’s children “KNSCP” tattooed on his neck. This was nowhere to be seen as well.

Pete, who has over 70 tattoos covering his body told People magazine in 2019 that he plans to get them all removed by the time he is 30 years old.

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