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Diary Movie Review: A thriller from Arulnithi that has all the aspects to glue you to the seats

Title: Diary
Cast: Arulnithi, Pavithra Marimuthu
Director: Innasi Pandiyan
Rating: 3/5

Review by Bhavana Sharma

Actor Arulnithi is super busy with back-to-back releases. In the span of a month, Diary is his third release and all three films are thrillers. The film is directed by debutant Innasi Pandiyan and expectations on this were huge from day one especially when Arulnithi came on board. 


Varadhan Annadurai (Arunithi) is a new cop in town. He gets to handle a cold-blooded case and that takes him to Ooty. He has to work with colleague Pavithra (Pavithra Marimuthu). As he starts digging and investigating the case further, he is led to a bus that is travelling from Ooty to Coimbatore. The investigation takes a different turn as something different keeps happening to each of them on the bus. What happens to them? Why are they on that bus? What brings all this together forms the crux of the story. 


This film is directed by Innasi Pandiyan who has come up with a story that is very much intriguing. He really doesn’t get to the point but instead chooses to lag through the use of poorly written comedy. These scenes become nothing but a major speed breaker for the plot to go forward.  The story picks the pace later in the first half and that’s when Diary gets more interesting. The film’s pre-interval premise is just bang-on. In the second half, the film is filled with many twists and turns – some are predictable.

It is made very clear that Arulnithi is picking up scripts that have a good scope to perform and prove his mettle. He delivered a great performance and it is apt to the requirements of the film. 

The supporting cast of this film has many young and small-time actors who are equally the highlight. 

Music and BGM by Ron Ethan Yohan pour soul into the film. The cinematography by Aravindd Singh is up to the mark. It is visually appealing. 

On the whole, Diary is worth a watch. Debut director Innasi Pandiyan has offered every possible element in this thriller to impress the audience and entertain them. He could have avoided some silly comedy scenes in the first half. 


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