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Davante Adams on the ‘Michael Jordan effect’ from Aaron Rodgers

Raiders wideout Davante Adams continues to praise his former Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, after the dynamic duo split this offseason.

“It was amazing man,” Adams said of his time playing with Rodgers during an appearance on “The Pivot” podcast. “I don’t discount anything that Aaron was able to do for me because he’s the best quarterback, in my opinion, to play this game.

“What he did for me was not just about the type of balls that he threw, or great back shoulder or whatever. He had the Michael Jordan effect. … [He’s] gonna make you play better,” Adams said. “He’s gonna bring out your best just by being on the field.”

Adams also explained that when Rodgers had time off during the Packers’ OTAs, the team wasn’t the same without the quarterback under center.

“He was a great leader, but it was more so just about — you would always notice in OTAs, every now and then a guy that’s in his 15th year or whatever, they get days off in OTAs, and there would be times he wasn’t practicing and you would just notice people start to not fall off, not practicing hard,” Adams recalled. “But it wasn’t the same as when Aaron is out there.”

Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams
Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams
Getty Images
Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams celebrate  after scoring a touchdown
Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams celebrate after scoring a touchdown
Getty Images

Adams and Rodgers had played together since 2014, before the Packers traded Adams to the Raiders in March for a pair of draft picks. The wideout signed a record five-year, $141.25 million deal with Las Vegas, where he reunited with quarterback Derek Carr, his former Fresno State teammate.

At the time, Rodgers signed a three-year, $150 million contract extension to remain with Green Bay after he contemplated retiring.

During “The Pivot” podcast episode, Adams said Carr is “extremely” underrated, and that his focus is on winning a Super Bowl with Las Vegas.

“I ain’t come here just to be cute and hang out with Derek,” Adams said. “I wanna get that trophy at the end of the year.”

The Raiders visit the Chargers in Los Angeles in Week 1.

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