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Chi Ossé rips NYPD for sending cops overseas to combat terrorism


This far-left City Councilman might need a 9/11 history lesson.

Councilman Chi Ossé (D-Brooklyn) left the Twittersphere scratching its head after openly asking why the NYPD has cops deployed in other countries — apparently failing to realize or ignoring they are overseas to prevent terror threats from reaching the Big Apple.

“Why does a local police department have outposts in 16 other cities that aren’t NYC?” he tweeted Wednesday. “Every single one of these outposts/ stations/ whatever they are need to be gutted and shut down.”

The 24-year-old rookie councilman — who supports cutting the NYPD’s budget and was elected to office in 2021 after gaining notoriety as an organizer of the Black Lives Matters movement — also showed a global map from a 2018 New York Times story outlining locations where cops are “embedded.” It included sites in Los Angeles and Washington DC and 14 cities outside the United States, such as London, Paris, Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi.

Ossé's tweet came amid controversy surrounding the death of Tyre Nichols at the hands of police in Memphis.
Ossé’s tweet came amid controversy surrounding the death of Tyre Nichols at the hands of police in Memphis.

The NYPD sites are part of its International Liaison Program created in 2003 and is funded by private donations through the nonprofit New York City Police Foundation.

Critics found the remarks mindboggling.

“Sir you are on the city council, the police commissioner can explain our counter terrorism operations,” responded @ChuckMonsanto.

A pedestrian walks past a blue wall mural that reads "Rest in Power George Floyd" over an image of George Floyd's face.
A pedestrian walks past a mural that reads “Rest in Power George Floyd.”

“Ever hear of 9/11? Before you were born. Consult with your elders before you tweet,” posted Chien Kwok, parent leader and member of the Community Education Council in Manhattan’s District 2.

Still, the pol’s remarks received more than 4,900 likes as of Saturday morning.

“So New Yorkers can travel the world safely knowing the NYPD will be there to stop and frisk them no matter where that happens to be,” tweeted @BeeredPJ.


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