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Cancer to Libra: Zodiac signs who bond with people easily and get hurt as a result

Just as there are people who seem like rotten eggs, there are blessed souls who set out to do good in the lives of everyone they know. Yet these star signs are too giving in nature and their generosity is often misplaced on people who do not respond with the same benevolence. Hence, today, we look at zodiac signs who often feel hurt due to associating themselves with bad friends or unhealthy co-workers. Right from Cancer to Libra, take a look at zodiac signs who bond with people easily and get hurt as a result.


A cancer has a tendency to overshare and they quickly open up about their vulnerabilities to people they have known for a short period of time. This could be anyone from a new co-worker, to a friend they met at the gym or even someone at their tuition classes. But as a result, they open their homes and hearts to people who might not do the same for them. This is often why cancer feels that their generosity is not reciprocated in equal measure.

cancer sign of the zodiac


Be it in the early days of their marriage, or amid a group of friends they have recently met, a libra tends to invest a lot of time and money in honing friendships that might not last a lifetime. You can rely on them to always know your birthday and plan a thoughtful gift, cook up meals for you when you are sick or even babysit for you at a moment’s notice. But alas, this air sign isn’t always surrounded by the friendliest of people. They often struggle to find support or even sympathy from the same friends when they are in need.


Some zodiac signs like Sagittarius are quick to bond with people even over a short period of time, be it a matter of days or weeks. And while those friendships matter a great deal to them, the love and respect that they willingly extend to others is not so wholeheartedly reciprocated, which is why this fire sign expects too much out of the relationship and then ends up getting burnt as a result.

saggi star sign

Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these are primarily focused on your zodiacal qualities; all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you.

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