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Cancer to Capricorn: Zodiac signs who wait for marriage to have fun and don’t trust their friends

There are some people who wish to make the most of every moment of their college in school life. Right from hanging out with friends, taking trips to Goa or weekend getaways with the girls. Yet, there are others who hesitate and eventually refrain from letting their hair down. These are star signs who feel the need to wait until the time they have met their spouse to truly live freely. From Cancer to Capricorn, see zodiac signs who wait for marriage to have fun and don’t trust their friends.


A cancer is a fairly romantic sign who has a lot of trust issues. So, they take a long time placing their trust in classmates or co-workers, but tend to trust their spouse in a heartbeat. They would never even consider that they might have a lot of fun if they hang out with more people their own age rather than stopping all the fun in their life till matrimony happens. After all isn’t it better to have lived, loved and lost, rather than to never have lived at all!

cancer sign of the zodiac


Despite their intellectual nature, a Virgo is quite an obedient son or daughter. So, sometimes it is a Virgo’s family who has filled this notion into their head by telling them it would be a sin to indulge and live freely before their wedding. In other cases, it is the individuals of this sign themselves who do not wish to take risks by traveling with their friends. They would rather wait for when they have a spouse.

virgo earth sign


In their heart of hearts, a Capricorn is an old soul. They have a steady and consistent nature due to being an earth sign, which leaves their friends constantly badgering them to venture out of their comfort zone. But this zodiac sign is used to living vicariously through their friends. They would rather watch their friends drink, gamble and dance to the heart’s content than risk taking these ganders prior to their wedding, which day consider an important milestone.

Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these are primarily focused on your zodiacal qualities; all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you.

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