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Can you find the covert kitty hidden in this packed bookcase?

A picture is worth much more than a thousand words when it depicts a cluttered bookcase — which may include a few surprise additions.

One image of a crowded shelf is said to reveal a real-life cat somewhere among the countless volumes and other tchotchkes — but the sly creature is much harder to spot than in a typical pet portrait.

The photo was originally shared on June 7, 2020, by Katie Hinds, a WNYC editor. “Today in find the cat,” she captioned the optical illusion, which garnered hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets at the time.

“I confess I cheated and found the answer in the replies,” responded Washington Post columnist George Conway.

It’s since been re-shared across social media, adding to its viral infamy for stumping all who approach the challenge.

cluttered bookcase
Found the feline, yet?
Katie Hinds/Twitter

“Find the hidden cat in this picture — this is actually really really hard,” claimed Cristian Rodriguez, a video game vlogger with 1.6 million followers on TikTok, in a post last fall. The hidden pussy puzzle earned his account, @therodrigueztwins, 12,000 more views.

[Warning: Spoiler below]

Found the feline yet? Here’s a hint: Its fur is white.

The cat-savvy will know that the curious creatures love to explore tight spaces — especially when they make for a cozy and warm place to nap. And a television media console does make for an unassuming nook.

“I just earned 5 minutes of quiet from the 8-year-old as she looked for the cat, lol,” wrote The City editor Harry Siegel to Hinds’ tweet.

cluttered bookcase
A typical cat will always find its way into the tightest spots.
Katie Hinds/Twitter

Indeed, you’re at least as smart as a second-grader if you found the cat paw dangling from below the TV.

If you were had by that trick question, try and peep the pink seahorse captured against a rosy coral reef. The image is a prime example of nature’s real-life optical illusions through camouflage.

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