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Blockchain Industrial Innovation Continues to Thrive| CoinW Copy Trading System Blossoms.


Given the narrow range of spot prices and the small margin for profit, CoinW exchange has noticed that more crypto investors started to shift their focus to futures market because they could make more money in both directions, as a way to keep earning despite the market changes in recent years.

However, the futures derivatives market requires great professionalism for higher risks.

Here are salient considerations to take note of before you enter the Futures Market:

  1. How to choose the futures category?  
  2. Should I go long or short?  
  3. When to open or close the positions?

It requires some expertise for making profits from futures trading. Therefore, beginner investors tend to look for professional teachers or institutions in the futures market.

In recent times, there has been an increase in the number of copy trading groups that charge high fees for trading signals. Users pay a high amount of fee to join the group, and then the analyst provides other strategies in the group.

However, this kind of copy trading has several disadvantages. First, it is impossible to judge the expertise of the analyst in advance, but only after paying the fee.

Also, if you don’t find the experience favourable or lost money due to the unreliability of strategies, the money for the subscription will also be lost and you will probably lose more money.

Secondly, the market changes dynamically, it’s very likely you will miss the signal when an  analyst sends one, maybe due to your unavailability or inability to follow their strategies as quickly as possible.

Some investors also trust their funds to professional quantitative trading teams, which avoids the problem of timeliness, but most of these models adopts revenue sharing, which greatly reduces the actual revenue of users.

More serious can be fund security. There appears to be lots of misappropriation of investors’ funds lately.

As can be seen above, the traditional contract market has great disadvantages and is quite unfriendly to users.

Hence, the CoinW Copy Trading System comes to the rescue!

CoinW Copy Trading System Launched Officially, Great News for Futures Newbies:

On August 18, 2022, CoinW exchange launched the copy trading system, which allows investors to follow the good trades on the platform. New investors can choose different traders based on their portfolio, total returns, followed orders, currency pairs. Just a simple click on the traders, and the system will help users to place the order.

CoinW copy trading builds a trading strategy, building a bridge linking professional players and new traders for futures market, which allows professional players to present their strength, cash-out their profits, and lower the threshold of the futures trading for new traders.

The derivatives have been one of the main businesses for CoinW exchange. The perpetual futures on CoinW exchange, not only has more comprehensive functions, better performance, stricter risk control policy and rich pairs when compared with others, but has 6 other aiding functions, continuous product innovation and an excellent user experience.

After years of efforts, the depth and liquidity of CoinW perpetual contract product has now ranked first amongst all exchanges, and the copy trading system is a great innovation for the crypto trading industry.


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