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Bigg Boss Telugu 6: Arjun and Satya’s chemistry during captaincy task; Chanti gets the secret task

The latest episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 6 began with Rohit and Marina trying to make out with Ianya after nominating her. Geetu and Revanth also discuss Arjun’s unfair nominations.  After an emotional conversation with Aarohi, Surya thought he must focus on the game alone. They later tried to talk it out.

Bigg Boss then announced the captaincy contender task, BB Hotel and also called Chanti inside the confession room and assigned him a secret task. Bigg Boss also mentioned that if he successfully accomplishes the secret task, he would become a captaincy contender.

As per the task, the contestants were divided into two teams, BB Hotel and Hotel Glam Paradise, which is run by five female contestants, while a few other contestants were guests. The hotel staff has to provide various services to earn points from the guests. The team with maximum money towards the end of the task would become captaincy contenders.

Satya tried to lure Arjun into their hotel while Chanti dragged him into the BB Hotel. However, still impressed by Satya, he gives her money. Adi looked unconvinced by the services and refused to pay. Revanth managed to earn a tip from Srihan for his service. Geetu tried to beg Adi Reddy for some tip. Surya along with other housemates did pole dance to ‘Oo Antava Mawa…’.

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