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Big Law on "Dobbs" – Does It Need David Lat’s Guidance on What to Say (days after the ruling)

"What Should Biglaw Leaders Say About Dobbs?" 

That's the headline from David Lat's article in Substack – two hours ago. 

Smirk. Like those influence leaders in Big Law, ranging from Brad Karp at Paul Weiss to David Boies at Boies Schiller, have been waiting until today for what to comment on the SCOTUS decision essentially gutting abortion.

The ruling had been Friday. Since then so much has been pubished on the issue.

In fact, a number of law firm leaders have already not only formulated their public statements but also have taken concrete actions to give women access to abortions. Here is Law and More's coverage of Paul Weiss' activities. And here Law and More reports on Boies Schiller's.

In addition, why is Lat positioning himself as a counselor on how Big Law should be configuring its messaging? The founder of legal tabloid Abovethelaw who moved on to being an author on paid newsletter Substack and a recruiter at Lateral Link, this is no brandname, proven-out public relations advisor. I have to assume that Big Law has on retainer high-powered retputation management types. 

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