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Bennifer Wedding: Jennifer Lopez ‘can’t get enough’ of Ben Affleck as she serenades her husband with new song

Jennifer Lopez “can’t get enough” of Ben Affleck and we’re all up in the Bennifer feels! If you’ve been keeping up with J.Lo and Affleck’s charming love story, then you know almost all about their second wedding at the Oscar winner’s Georgia estate, which interestingly was the same venue the lovebirds were supposed to get married 20 years ago…

Sharing a romantic video of the newlyweds from their wedding celebrations was TMZ. In the intimate video, we see Jennifer Lopez take to the dance floor, serenading Ben Affleck with a new song whilst her groom gets a front row seat, sitting on a chair looking lovingly at his bride, up close and personal. The lyrics of J. Lo’s latest track are very affectionate about passion and still being in love alongside a catchy hook: “Can’t get enough.” Both Lopez and Affleck are seen rocking their wedding attires while the Grammy-nominated singer was seen performing along with backup singers and dancers. Bennifer’s close friends and family members were seen enjoying what turned out to be a Jennifer Lopez concert of sorts as evidenced in the sweet video.

The look of love shared between the couple would leave anyone envious! How we wish to be the fly on that wall!

Meanwhile, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are currently honeymooning in Italy and have been spotted a couple of times, packing on the PDA as you’d expect from the romantic newlyweds. For the unversed, Bennifer’s first nuptials was a Las Vegas wedding on July 16, 2022.

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