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BangShift.com Watch These Guys Cut Up A Ship’s Crankshaft Then Re-Forge And Machine It Into Another Crankshaft!

Now this is some recycling going on right here! I mean seriously, this is badass. These dudes are in Pakistan and are using a torch to cut through what appears to be 24 inch journals on a crankshaft from a ship’s diesel engine. After cutting the crankshaft down to more “manageable” pieces they are hauled off to be forged into smaller pieces that will become crankshafts for other things. In this case they are forging and cutting one to be made into the crankshaft for a very large air compressor. It’s impressive to see what is being done with torches, big but old school power hammers, and then pretty simple lathes being hand-operated.

Like most of these Pakistani truck style videos that we’ve shared, this one makes you think about days gone by when this is exactly how things would have been done in the United States. In truth, it is highly unlikely that anything like this happens in the United States anymore because all this kind of stuff goes overseas to be disassembled and recycled. With so much ship and marine salvage happening in Pakistan there are entire industries that revolve around using the materials that come from the ship breaking and recycling. It’s impressive.

So check this one out. It’s pretty interesting to watch.

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