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This Vintage Lola Formula 5000 Car Crashes At Goodwood In The Snow!

This Vintage Lola Formula 5000 Car Crashes At Goodwood In The Snow!

A couple of weeks ago we showed a video of guys drag racing into very, very thick fog. There was a general furor about the safety of the racers and how they were allowing cars to be on the track in those conditions. Welp, when you watch this the fog night seems like a beach in Tahiti by comparison. You are about to see a vintage Lola Formula 5000 car crash at Goodwood…in the snow. The event that the cars were running at happened to be the Goodwood members meeting and the Formula 5000 class was being run as a demonstration. These guys were not racing, they were just out there showing off their stuff. Then things went wrong.

As you will see, the Lola with its full slicks and potent 5,000cc engine was minding its business essentially by itself on the track. It looks to us like the driver may have given it some throttle and then the car comes right out from under him, slides into the grass, and then bashes the wall head first. For a car that we’d estimate to be worth about a half million bucks, this is a pretty crummy shot.

Obviously the drivers knew what they were getting into out there and no one had a gun to their head to keep them on the track but it is still pretty wild to see these things out there in a pretty serious snow squall. We’re glad that the driver was OK and we’re guessing that the car will be welded back together in short order to attack the track again.

Think there is a market for a vintage road racing snow tire?

Press play below to see this Formula 5000 Lola crash at Goodwood in the snow!



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