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BangShift.com The Working Man’s Sedan Part 4: How To Channel A Hot Rod 6 Inches


Here’s thefourth installment in the channeled Model A Build. This sucker is getting a 6″ channel job!

Model A Fords are cool hot rod projects and my favorite is a chopped Model A Sedan. While a Tudor is the preferred sedan, a Fordor is cool to me too. This project here is a Tudor so everyone that likes a two-door sedan Model A Ford will dig this one. It’s getting the chassis Z’d out back, the body will be channeled, and it’s going to be cool as hell. What is special about this project is the fact that it is NOT going to be completely finished. It is just being put together into a roller project for someone else to buy and finish the way they want.

Mike from This Old Hot Rod has been on a bit of a break from his channel and has decided that this project here needs to find a new home so he can get back at it and build the project cars he really cares about. With that said, he does want this one to be done right so that someone else has a great place to start and he’s taking us all along with him.

Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments section below.



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