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BangShift.com The Iron Trap Sweetheart Roadster Dash Update Part 2: Making This Killer Model A Dash Even More Special

Here is Part 2 of the Sweetheart Roadster’s Dash build, which includes a double glovebox design that Matt has been wanting to try out. It’s a pretty cool idea and really does play well with the layout of this custom roadster. Check it out, I think you’ll dig it as much as I do.

The Sweetheart Roadster is just one of the cool projects that are being built by the Iron Trap Garage crew, and there has been a lot of metal work going on to get it looking like a complete car again. Now it’s time for some customization to happen in the dash, not only with the layout of the gauges but also molding the dash into the doors. There is a lot to do, including more additions besides gauges, but this first video is all about the layout and design and then cutting some serious holes. Check it out.


Video Description:

After mocking up the dash layout and installing the steering box, Matt decided it was time to tackle the custom glove boxes he envisioned. Starting off with a wooden buck, Matt pounds out two glove box doors. Once those are completed Matt moves onto to creating the boxes themselves, and a flange to weld onto the back side of the dash. Once everything is welded up Matt cuts into his dash and installs the boxes. The overall look of two glove boxes is very classy and perfect for the Sweetheart Roadster. Let us know in the comments below what you think!!!

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