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BangShift.com The Alfarrari Project Continues: When Will The Rust Stop!? Plus Bonus Engine Build Video.

There has been so much new metal going into this build, which has been awesome, but there never seems to be an end to the rust either. In this episode, it looks like there has to be an end in sight, and the following video below also shows a LOT Of new stuff finally going together. This is one cool project, so check out the latest videos. Plus, there is a bonus video on the engine build!

This is a little car, and it still has lots of little things to fix on it, but Jeff is surely knocking them out. I am really digging this one and can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

I found this project on YouTube and it has been going on for a couple of years now so we need to catch up! This is Jeff, and he builds cool stuff, and he decided that he wanted to build an Alfa 105, which I have no clue about, and stuff it full of Ferrari power. Sounds like a hot rod to me, so I’m in. We’re going to share several videos at a time on this one to keep the ball rolling.

Check it out.


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