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BangShift.com Silent Killer: The Palatov D2EV’s Rip Up Pikes Peak In 2019

Silent Killer: The Palatov D2EV’s Rip Up Pikes Peak In 2019

Silent Killer: The Palatov D2EV’s Rip Up Pikes Peak In 2019

Whether you are on or completely off of the fence when it comes to electric vehicles, fast is fast regardless of how it happens. Take my word…I understand the potential of EV performance, but until you see it in person, until you experience it for yourself, yelping about it is little more than armchair quarterbacking. Case in point: this year I finally went out to California and experienced the Holley High Voltage event for myself. There were great vehicles all over, from tricked-out Teslas to converted older cars. But at every show I attend, there’s always one vehicle that stands above, for some reason or another. Here’s exactly what happened: I’m up in the media center eating lunch with Chad, Evan Perkins, Brandan Gillogly, and several others. We’d been chatting at random for a few minutes when, for whatever reason, I walked over to check out the action at the dragstrip just in time to watch the sister car to the one you will see in the video below launch into a four-wheel-driven half-track burnout before crossing the traps at something like 10.2 seconds in the neighborhood of 140-150 MPH range.

There’s a scene from The Grand Tour, the one where they are testing supercars. It’s the episode that Richard Hammond is driving the Rimac Concept One. In a drag race against an Acura NSX and a Lamborghini Aventador, Clarkson drops a quote that pretty much encapsulates what I was thinking watching this scene. It happens as the Rimac hands the Lambo it’s ass on a silver platter…with garnish: “That…Rimac…just f**ks off.” I just watched this car, which I had seen making laps around Sonoma all day long gentle as you please, proceed to re-pave half the dragstrip in one shot. And while I was choking down a bite of food, scrambling to get my camera together, and throwing on my media vest, the car was whipping around for a hot lap. The second lap? Deep in the nines, pushing 170 miles per hour, like it was a normal Sunday.

Readers, meet the Palatov D2EV. Here’s the sister car’s Pikes Peak run in 2019 with Greg Tracy at the wheel.


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