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Watch This SB2 Headed Small Block Turn 10,000 RPM and Crank Out 950 Naturally Aspirated Horsepower

Watch This SB2 Headed Small Block Turn 10,000 RPM and Crank Out 950 Naturally Aspirated Horsepower

The SB2 Chevy small block may be old news in NASCAR but it has a thriving second life on the drag strip with more and more of them being employed by racers running in classes like Competition Eliminator, top dragster, top sportsman, and even some of the index categories. Why? Bang for the buck, baby! The heads will bolt to an standard small block Chevy and while they require stuff like a special cam, lifters, rockers, etc, the money spent is well invested because the power potential in these heads is amazing. With raised and redesigned ports that flow more than 400cfm on the intake side, an 11-degree valve angle, and intake valves that are slightly canted towards the center of the bore, it is airflow supreme through these things.

We have seen them run on nitrous, we have even seen a turbocharged example out there as well. All that being said, the most impressive SB2 engines we have seen on the strip are naturally aspirated buzz saws that emit a unique roar/scream that nothing else can touch. The mills are often found in the Comp eliminator ranks where small displacement huge horsepower packages really play to your favor as a competitor. This particular example was shot on the dyno at TRE racing engines. Taylor Lastor who runs the show at TRE has tons of pro mod and pro stock experience, having essentially spent his life in the sport of drag racing.

Since we’re gearing up for Indy and the place has a load of comp eliminator cars on the entry list, we’ll just have to tune our ears by listening to  this video over and over again to get the same audio sensations we get from watching and listening to those comp racers wind their cars up hard! You’ll dig this video and the 950hp, 335ci engine on the dyno. Yes, that is 2.83hp naturally aspirated with a couple of carbs feeding the whole situation. Radical!



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