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BangShift.com Ridetech Can Get Your 2007-2013 GM Truck Low And Keep It Working


We all know that cars and trucks look way better when they are lowered. They handle better, they have a more dramatic look, and they are easy to hop in and out of. If there is one concern that people have, especially with trucks it’s that when you lower one, you may be compromising the thing’s ability to do work. Well, RideTech is here to tell you and SHOW you that isn’t the case with their kits for the 2007-2013 GMT 900 series rigs. This video is part tech, part install, and part explanation as to how and why the company is able to maintain the function of your truck while enhancing the driving experience and looks.

For starters, you cannot be afraid of work when tackling one of these kits. They are bolt in, but there are lots of bolts, some cutting, and frankly it just takes time to get the job knocked out the proper way by the book. The result of your work is going to be a bad ass truck, but as the video so clearly shows and directly tells you, there’s going to be some elbow grease expended on this kit.

Available with either coil over shocks or air, this kit really is nice. It is complete front and rear as well. This is not some janky deal that reuses factory parts of makes you modify things that came stock for an enhanced look. Nope, this is all fresh stuff, all engineered, designed, and tested in-house at RideTech.

So if you want to lower your truck but are afraid of losing the ability to haul weight in the bed or haul a trailer out back, forget it! RideTech has you covered on all fronts and the payoff is huge!

Press play to see this sweet video on the Ridetech coil and air suspension for GM trucks –


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