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BangShift.com Mooneyes New Year’s Party Photos: Customs, Hot Rods, Race Cars, Drag Racing, And More!


(Photos by Wes Allison) Our photo coverage from the Mooneyes New Year’s Party Car Show and Drag Races continues here. We have a bunch of great photos thanks to Wes Allison, and we are excited to share them with all of you. We’ll have multiple galleries, so make sure you come back to check them out. This time of year in SoCal is busy as hell, and we’ll have photos from next weekend’s Grand National Roadster Show coming your way too. But this gallery, and several others to follow, are all from Mooneyes.

Up through 2018, every Southern California hot rodder could be found at Irwindale Speedway in early December for the Mooneyes X-Mas Party and Drags. It was one of the staple events that you couldn’t help but have fun at, and even through all the ownership changes and supposed closures of the race track, the show kept on. But then it all stopped after 2018’s show. So you can imagine how excited everyone was to hear that they were bringing back the show, but with a slightly different date, and a new name befitting of the date change. Welcome to the 2nd Annual Mooneyes New Year’s Party and Drag Race. This is going to be as epic as the original because they are picking up right where they left off.

This is one of the coolest SoCal events all year. With food, drinks, bands, girls, clothes, lifestyle items, drag racing, cars, trucks, bikes, and more, this is one event you have to attend. The weather was amazing, the car count was huge, and Wes Allison was on hand shooting tons of photos of all the cars, trucks, and more.

With the sun shining, there was nothing but goodness going on.


Remember, you can click on any photo and make it lots bigger, and then scroll through the entire slide show of photos.


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