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BangShift.com Iron Trap Model A Shop Truck: It Has Working Lights And Runs!!!!

The Model A Shop Truck project has been going hot and heavy for months, and the boys have really been making awesome headway on it, but it has never been this close to being a driver! This latest episode of the build has then getting some wiring done, doing a fuel system, and ultimately making the flat head run for the first time in the chassis. I’m super stoked to see this project running down the road and to see the guys with parts stacked up in the back.

Because so much of this project was built from spare parts, or junk that they modified, it really is neat to see what you can build without a bunch of super nice high dollar parts. I dig it, and I know you guys have too.

Check out the latest below, and if you missed any of the previous videos use the link!


Video Description:

Since the last update on the Roadster Pickup, Steve has been hard at work running the wiring and fuel system. Today Matt is going to work on installing the battery tray that his nephew welded, and work on some difficult coolant pipes. After that is finished up Matt and Steve work on bolting down the gas tank with some custom straps and wood blocks before filling it up for the first time in years. Once the tank is full of fuel, it’s time to fire it up and hear the blown flathead run for the first time in the chassis. We are so close to taking the RPU for its first trip around the block!!!

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